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Imagine a world filled with bouncy, squishy Slime characters, each with its own unique charm.


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About Slime Coin

Welcome to Slime Coin: The Ultimate Crypto Adventure!

An innovative cryptocurrency project with a unique twist—it combines the exciting world of blockchain technology with an engaging 2D platformer game. This fusion creates a thrilling play-to-earn ecosystem where players can enjoy thrilling gameplay, earn valuable rewards, and participate in a vibrant online community.

Play & Earn

Prepare for the crypto adventure of a lifetime with Slime Coin.


Play-to-Earn (P2E)

Who says crypto can't be a blast? Dive headfirst into our thrilling P2E games and win epic rewards while having the time of your life.

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Your Slime Coins are your ticket to passive income. Stake them and watch your wealth grow while supporting our network's security and growth.

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Mobile Apps & Wallet

Wherever the adventure takes you! Our mobile apps offer a seamless experience for trading, staking, and diving into our electrifying community.

In progress / 60%

Play to Earn Game

Who says crypto can't be a blast? Dive headfirst into our thrilling P2E games and win epic rewards while having the time of your life.

In progress / 55%

Non - Fungible Tokens

Step into the realm of exclusive digital treasures with Slime Coin NFTs. Grab, swap, and cherish one-of-a-kind digital collectibles inspired by the heart and soul of Slime Coin culture.

In progress/ 40%

Crypto Wallet

Keep your Slime Coins and NFTs safe and sound with our user-friendly wallet. Access your riches with ease, anytime, anywhere.

In progess / 25%

Slime Bot

Get your real-time action fix with our lively bot! It's your instant source for updates, quick answers, and a hub of community fun..

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Join forces with our passionate community of Slime Coin trailblazers. Your voice is the engine of change. Influence the project, propose thrilling ideas, and cast your vote to sculpt the future of Slime Coin.

Discover Slime Coin Tokenomics!

Slime Coin has a total token supply of 100 million Slime Coins.

Public Allocation

70% of the total supply is allocated to our public sale, ensuring a fair distribution among early supporters.

Staking Allocation

20% of the total supply is reserved for staking rewards, encouraging long-term participation in our ecosystem.

In-Game Rewards, Giveaways, and Competitions Allocation

A generous 10% of the total supply is allocated to in-game rewards, giveaways, and competitions, adding excitement to our ecosystem and rewarding our community members for their dedication and participation.

Slime Coin Roadmap

Join us on a thrilling journey with Slime Coin as we chart our course through four exciting phases:

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Phase 1

* Token Launch

* Presale

* Community Build

* Exchange Debut

* Contract Audit

* Developer KYC

* CMC and CG Listing

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Phase 2

* Dextools Trending

* Ave Trending

* CEX Listing (LBANK)

* Mobile & Wallet

* Staking Platform

* NFT Marketplace

* Strategic Alliances

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Phase 3

* Playstore & IOS Listing

* Youtubers Marketing

* Twitch Marketing

* P2E Expansion

* NFT Launch

* Community Engagement

* Marketing Drive

* Partnerships

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Phase 4

* Streamer Ambassadors

* Wider Crypto Space

* Enhanced Utility

* Foundation Launch

* Ongoing Innovation

Get to Know Our Team

Behind Slime Coin, there's a passionate team of individuals - visionaries, tech wizards, community enthusiasts, and creative minds. We're not just a project; we're real people, and we're excited to introduce ourselves. Meet the team that's bringing Slime Coin to life!






Blockchain Dev


Web 3 Dev


Frequently Ask Questions

Welcome to the Slime Coin FAQ section. We've compiled answers to some of the most common questions about our project. If you don't find the information you're looking for here, feel free to reach out to our community or support team for assistance.

Slime Coin is a community-driven meme project built on the Binance Smart Chain. It combines meme culture with cryptocurrency innovation, offering features like play-to-earn games, staking, NFTs, and more.

To join the Slime Coin presale, you can simply visit our official website or our main Telegram group. We will be posting the presale link and all the necessary details there. Early supporters will have the exclusive opportunity to secure Slime Coins during this presale phase. Keep an eye on our official channels for updates and announcements related to the presale launch.

Staking Slime Coins allows you to earn passive income through our staking platform. You'll receive rewards while supporting the security and growth of the Slime Coin network.

Slime Coin NFTs are unique digital collectibles inspired by our project's culture. You can buy, sell, trade, and cherish these one-of-a-kind assets in our NFT marketplace.

We offer feature-packed mobile apps that provide a seamless experience for trading, staking, and engaging with our community directly from your smartphone.